Two-storey new-build

Underfloor heating case study

Product: SUPERflex™-16 and EasyFix™ staples

We received a call from a client asking for our help to design an underfloor heating system for the ground floor of their new four-bedroomed house; and of course, we were glad to help.

We discussed their requirements in depth, and they told us that they were going to install an air source heat pump. We explained how we would need to design the system to work with lower flow temperatures and advised on the best method of installation. The system itself was going to be laid in a screed and fixed to the insulation with our EasyFix™ staple system.

The client sent us the house plans – and the layout of the floor was like nothing we’d seen before. There were curved and triangular spaces, and we had to ensure that the system covered all areas.

The solution

Once the floor was measured, we found two manifolds were required, due to the size and number of rooms. We discussed the best locations for the manifolds, with one option being a split system with a manifold at each end.

However, after speaking with the heating installer, we went for a central fitted cupboard which would house both manifolds. The was a large amount of feed pipe travelling into the manifold, so we designed the system tohave pipework coming in from each side of the wall to ease congestion through the doorways.

Pipe conduit was provided for the areas where the pipe was quite concentrated. Because of all the unusual shapes, we recommended SUPERflex™-16.

The result

We ended up providing over a kilometre of underfloor heating pipe! However, it was incredibly easy to fit, and the system was installed in just over a day.

The clients can’t wait to get it up and running, and to test out their new underfloor heating system.

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